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GeoCarta mapping software

Managing data is more than just cataloging information into database fields or putting files into boxes.  Data management requires organization of information in a way that is beneficial to the end user and should encompass the entire exploration and production lifecycle. If you know what data you have and where it is; then it’s an asset - otherwise it could be a liability.

  • Quit the garbage-in garbage-out cycle
  • Verify data before it is added to the database. A powerful rules engine ensures the data added makes sense and is not just the right type (number, text, date etc.)
  • Easily load Seismic specific details for:

  • Line Header
  • Ownership
  • Location/Survey

  • Easily load Records Management information for Well, Land, Midstream and Seismic objects:

  • AFE Items
  • Information Items
  • Physical Items

With GeoCarta’s Data Management module your organization can:

Divestco is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new Data Management module for GeoCarta

GeoCarta’s Data Management Module extends the GeoCarta platform for exploring, analyzing, exporting and mapping public and proprietary data; it allows you to load, store, search and map your own proprietary Seismic and Records Management data for use in the same software that can query, analyze and map public Well, Land, Log, Liability Management Ratio (LMR) and Midstream information. 

Data Management Module Product Images

Want to know if a Land sale is worthwhile?  Easily identify Trade and Proprietary seismic lines that coincide with a land sale posting with GeoCarta’s GIS based mapping tools.

Adding data management to a powerful mapping application has other benefits:

Looking to divest some assets? Know what you have and where it’s stored by generating Item reports for lines selected from the map or as the result of a search.

Interested in consolidating software applications? Make information accessible to everyone by using one inexpensive application for Public data, Records Management and Proprietary Oil and Gas data.

Visualize your seismic data by properties like vintage, ownership type and area name.

Create and Resolve lookup values. When importing items that belong to a lookup table you can assign new items to an existing entry or create a new entry.

Data Validation. Create and apply rules for the imported data so bad data can’t get into your database.

Data Loader screen with drop down boxes to assign your input file to a database column.

GeoCarta’s Strengths

  • Powerful search, filter and export options
  • Robust spatial imports for better public and proprietary data analysis
  • Easily customizable map layers from your queries
  • Supports team project work
  • Extremely competitive pricing

New in GeoCarta

  • Additional Quick View selection tools for Reports and Production Graphs
  • Quickly export map layers as shape files or as a simple image
  • Add and Edit shapes and text on your map
  • Select Trade Seismic and email your Divestco broker
  • Search, analyze and Report on Alberta Liability Management Ratio (LMR) data

GeoCarta Well Viewer

Connecting picks in a cross section

GeoCarta Map

Polygon Splitting to visualize land ownership

GeoCarta Reports

Interactive well tickets in the Digital Data Viewer

GeoCarta Data Explorer

Excel-like data pivoting and analysis in the Data Explorer

GeoCarta Product Images

GeoCarta enables individuals and teams to make faster and more accurate decisions by easily exploring, analyzing, exporting and mapping public and proprietary well, log and land data.

About GeoCarta

GeoCarta provides a modern, intuitive interface that supports common oil and gas workflows across multiple disciplines: Geologists, Engineers, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Land Professionals and Business Development. Users are productive in a short period, regardless of experience or proficiency with GIS.

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